Basic Hosting Package

Our basic hosting package operates through a shared hosting solution. This is perfect for small businesses, as it offers a good trade off in performance over cost. Automatic backups and recovery are available.

Starting At:
£130.00 p/a

Advanced Hosting Package

Our Advanced Hosting Packages are priced and designed on a per client basis. They can include a wide range of different solutions starting with Virtual Private Servers and continuing up to Enterprise level solutions and server operation & maintenance.

Starting At:
£200.00 p/a

Entry Level Support Package

We offer email support with a 12hr turnaround to all our customers. Support work is offered in blocks of 10hrs. If these hours are not required for support they can be used to add enhancements to the site.

Starting At:
£300.00 p/a

Advanced Support Package

Our advanced support package minimises risk and ensures a rapid response to any issues, errors, bugs or critical mainatainance tasks that may arise. The principal advantages are faster response, weekend support, and out of hours work to minimise service interuption.

Starting At:
£500.00 p/a

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